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《桃花源永久居留证》The Permanent Residence Card of Peach Blossom Land



Peach Blossom Land Permament Residence Card is an international award in the three-dimensional world. The awards are present to the people who make the three-dimensional world better. We only focus on the spirit. Because we believe that spirit is the primary condition for changing the situation. This award is also opened to public in the three-dimensional world, each year we offer some limited places for public, because we have responsibility for keeping equal to human beings.


The Permanent Residence Card of Peach Blossom Land indicates one’s identity, and enables its holders to freely pass through Peach Blossom Land’s super energy field, acquire life energy, and gain mercy. Application for the Permanent Residence Card is open to anyone, in person or online. In order to meet criteria set for qualification for a Permanent Residence Card, Earth citizens must strengthen their spiritual energy. In this way, the card is imbued with a significance of supreme acknowledgement for one’s spiritual pursuit. Accordingly, those issued with a Permanent Residence Card bear the mutual responsibility with the Foreign Minister for jointly facilitating communication with the three-dimensional world and improving living standards on Earth.


Application for the Permanent Residence Card is open to anyone via two exclusive ways of onsite and online obtainment.


On-site application

Application for Peach Blossom Land Permanent Residence Card is constantly open to public, free of charge. Please follow the website for time and place of application. Permanent Residence Cards issued on the spot will be a paper version with name of applicant, ID number and relevant information on it. The Card is under the hand and seal of Foreign Minister Mei Le.





请将以上资料发往专用邮箱  Apply(at)PeachBlossomLand(dot)org

Online application

Application for Peach Blossom Land Permanent Residence Card (electronic version) through the Peach Blossom Land Website is constantly open to the public, free of charge. This version also includes the information of applicant name, ID number, etc.

Application Materials:

  1. Full Name(First Name+Family Name), born of country;
  2. Introduce what you have done for a better world;
  3. Addresses / accounts of personal social media, such as personal website, Weibo, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Please send your materials to  Apply(at)PeachBlossomLand(dot)org


If you have applied for an electronic version of the Permanent Residence Card, and also wish to receive a paper version, you must pay for the cost of labor and delivery. Personal information on the paper version is identical to the electronic version, including name of applicant and ID number.


Records of all donations will be documented in the Peach Blossom Land Archive and displayed in the future on the website.