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Art Can Change The World
Robert Rauschenberg

Nothing Is Impossible
Mei Le


Peach Blossom Land is an ongoing project by the artist Mei Le. Drawing from the essay “Peach Blossom Spring” by the ancient Chinese poet Tao Yuanming and inspired by the constantly evolving utopian concept of Peach Blossom Land over the past thousand years, this project attempts to create a new pattern for Peach Blossom Land.


To the people of East Asia, Peach Blossom Land symbolizes an ideal and holy world. Over the past 1600 years, numerous literatus from China, Korea, and Japan have described Peach Blossom Land in their own ways through words and paintings.


Peach Blossom Land, which takes up no material space and whose energy field covers the whole Earth, is a multi-dimensional realm parallel to our world.


Peach Blossom Land is manifested in various ways, including by the persona of Foreign Minister of Peach Blossom Land, Peach Blossom Land Permanent Residence Card, and the Peach Blossom Land Flag, as well as an official website.


The Foreign Minister of Peach Blossom Land serves as the executive chief of the realm, responsible for its development, promoting exchange with the three-dimensional world and improving living conditions on earth.

E-mail   MeiLe(at)PeachBlossomLand(dot)org



Peach Blossom Land Permament Residence Card is an international award in the three-dimensional world. The awards are present to the people who make the three-dimensional world better. We only focus on the spirit. Because we believe that spirit is the primary condition for changing the situation. This award is also opened to public in the three-dimensional world, each year we offer some limited places for public, because we have responsibility for keeping equal to human beings.


The Permanent Residence Card of Peach Blossom Land indicates one’s identity, and enables its owners to freely pass through Peach Blossom Land’s super energy field, acquire life energy, and gain mercy. Application for the Permanent Residence Card is open to anyone, in person or online. In order to meet the criteria set for qualification for a Permanent Residence Card, Earth citizens must strengthen their spiritual energy. In this way, the card is imbued with the significance of supreme acknowledgement for one’s spiritual pursuit. Accordingly, those issued with a Permanent Residence Card bear a mutual responsibility with the Foreign Minister for jointly facilitating communication with the three-dimensional world and improving living standards on Earth.

申请《桃花源永久居留证》Apply  For The Permanent Residence Card


The Peach Blossom Land Flag is the land’s emblem on Earth, and represents agreement and support for the ideas of Peach Blossom Land. Application for a Peach Blossom Land Flag is open to any organization or institution.



The Peach Blossom Land Website is the authorized informational service for the realm, including for the release of photos, videos and documents. The website also serves as a tangible (albeit virtual) point of contact with the three-dimensional world.


Peach Blossom Land is a non-profit art project, with no intervention or support from any political, partisan or sovereign national interests.

You can learn more about Chinese poem Peach Blossom Spring  here


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Mei Le’s work focuses on images and videos as well as installations. His works have been exhibited both in China and abroad. He also attracted wide attention by his red robe to exhibition openings and fashion events. He has also gained high recognition and praise from famous architect Frank Gehry for his excellent portrait photography.

Peach Blossom Land Artist Statement

Documentation: Mei Le and History of Peach Blossom Land

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