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The Peach Blossom Land Permanent Resident Award Winner
Tracey Snelling & Indu Antony
桃花源永久居留奖获得者:特雷西·斯内林 & 尹杜·安特妮

29 April, 2017  American artist Tracey Snelling and Indian artist Indu Antony accepted Peach Blossom Land Permanent Resident Awards in ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik. They both focus on topics of caring human beings for long time, leads people to think about them. This is very positive and helpful to promote better understanding between different civilizations. These are what Peach Blossom Land would like to see, make the world better!

Tracey Snelling   Indu Antony

Peach Blossom Land Berlin Bureau



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