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桃花源永久居留奖获得者:AA 布朗森The Peach Blossom Land Permanent Resident Award Winner AA Bronson

22 April, 2017  AA Bronson accepted his Peach Blossom Land Permanent Resident Award in his studio in Berlin. He is founder of The NY Art Book Fair and The LA Art Book Fair, He was director of Printed Matter, Inc. before and he had been a member of artists group General Idea for 25 years.  Art Book is so important for our world, that is what AA Bronson dose. He also published magazine FILE (1972-1989) and founded Art Metropole.

AA Bronson

Peach Blossom Land Berlin Bureau

2017年4月22日,AA布兰森先生在柏林被授予桃花源永久居留奖。布兰森是纽约艺术图书博览会、加州艺术图书博览会的创始人,同时也曾担任非营利机构Printed Matter总监。布兰森同时也是一位艺术家,他是艺术家组合General Idea成员,他们持续创作25年!布兰森也曾出版杂志FILE(1972-1989)和创办艺术博览会Art Metropole。


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